A Successful Music Career Awaits You!


" Thank You for keeping your word and promoting my music ! You have changed my life in a good way.  Thanks for believing in me" -John T.


Elite Music Promotions, is a company driven to helping music artist succeed in their music career. This company was formed by Tiffany Stiger. She was a music artist that wasted so much time and money  hiring marketing and music promotion teams to market her music, when she saw their was no results, she decided to take things in her own hands and started marketing herself. She knew that nobody could taste the success the way she does, nobody could feel her passion for her career the way she does, thats why she hired a team of like minded individuals that shared the same passion and goals and that would be more interested in helping the artist rather than funds. Here at Elite Music Promo we care about our clients career when nobody else cares. We really strive in satisfaction and results. Give us a chance to show you what we can do. 

We make the Artist in Demand 

When The Elite Start Looking For You then That's Good Promo!