The third package is the Gold $2500; you get major distribution, artwork for single or flyer. Social media marketing and promotion. Several placements in prominent publications. Submission to an indie award. Email blast plus a radio campaign that works. We also put your music with a record pull of DJ’S; we put your music video on a high end network such as MTV online and so forth.

This Package includes: Major Distribution, artwork for your single or album, social media build up, and a placement on a magazine or blog. You can update at anytime for higher packages.

The Silver package is a $1500, you get major distribution, artwork for your single or album, social media build up, promotion and marketing and 2 magazine or blog placements and submission for an Indie award and video placement. Plus email blast to industry


The last package is the platinum package $5,000, which is the 4th package includes major distribution, artwork for single or album, social media marketing and promotion and several publications in magazines or blogs and email blast and submission to an indie award, plus radio campaign, plus song submitted to a record pull of DJ'S plus u get a 1000 promotional CD's pressed up and 5000 flyers. We also provide you with Street Promo, where our street team advertises the artist and gets the public aware of the artist and new music upcoming. We pass out flyers and posters. We also place your music video on a Roku channel with over 2 million subscribers. One of our DJ'S will also play your song in the club and get a crowd reaction, promotional video created, snippet created. Free consultation with our specialist, mix tape placement, press release and TV Show submission. 
So this promo is the best available and it works. Let me know which package works best for you.

The Silver Package $1500.0

Bronze Package $800.00

Gold Package $2500

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 We Bring the Best Music Promotion to The industry ! Making Sure Our Clients are Happy!

Platinum Package $5000